Company: Magsen Realty Inc.
Address: 3173 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G8 Canada
Cell: 778-988-9090
Phone: 604-872-3218
Fax: 604-872-0138
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Build Homes

Design creates style. Detail creates quality.

We have a professional building and renovation team to help my clients build and renovate your dream home. Our building team has over 10 years experience in Canada and overseas. we believe design creates style; detail creates quality. Every single quality-built home represent our building concept.

Our service including building new home and renovating existing home.

Building new home- if you have purchased a lot with or without a old house on it, we can help you all the way from demolish the old home, design and build a new home and assist with all needed paper work. we are here to listen and to make your dreams become reality. From the designing of your home to suit a particular lot under city codes, through the construction process, we focus on all the details of design, building quality, budget and time allocation.

Renovating existing home-We are well qualified to make necessary changes to your existing home to achieve your renovation. Our teams of professionals pay special attention to your lifestyle, reflected by the existing design and setting. Our goal is to create additional or redesigned personalized space to your existing home that will be functional, suitable and complement your existing property. We’ll pay great attention to the details. The outcome will be a big difference.

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